Doing Bits is a creative partnership formed out of the realisation that designing things was fun, but making them happen was better. Coming from an Architecture background, we noticed that the element of our projects that excited us most was physical human engagement. Our aim is to design and create experiences that are exciting and accessible, with a social purpose.


We’re just doing bits really.




Mollie Griffiths

Architectural Assistant at We Made That. Had the tidiest desk whilst studying Architecture at University of Liverpool. Realised her love for making things when at a young age her dad roped her into building walls. Has an extensive collection of puffer jackets (but is always too warm)


Abby Bird

Architectural Assistant at Harrison Stringfellow Architects. Had the messiest desk whilst studying Architecture at University of Liverpool. Her vision for social change keeps her occupied with running campaigns and fundraising for charitable organisations. Has an obsession with house plants but a tendency to kill them.





Two sides of the same coin.