Behind the build for PFxSP Sessions Station


Take a little look behind the scenes of our latest Sessions Station build. Shout out to Richard for allowing us to use his wonderful space, to Jay for letting us borrow his giant clamps (life saver) and to Gary Rogowski for teaching us everything we know about Router Joinery

abby gif.gif

Q&A with The Architectural Review


We were delighted to do a Q&A with @thearchitecturalreview on Humanity is Unity as a case study for Studio Bleak's Climate of Dissent Competition. We believe in the power of occupying space as a medium of protest and the active role we have in delivering real social and environmental change. We look forward to seeing the competition entries!



Bags Beyond Borders


As Creative Director of Help the Homeless, Abby has recently been involved in organising their annual Family Fun Day, an entirely free event aimed at asylum seekers, refugees and low income families. Keen to find a new use for the unwoven bands from our RIBA Beyond Borders installation, Humanity is Unity, we turned them into bag straps! 125 bags and probably even more hours later, Doing Bits Studio brought the bags to Family Fun Day for families to print, paint and take away. 


Humanity is Unity gets a new home


As the Beyond Borders exhibit at RIBA North drew to a close, we were keen to find a new home and use for Humanity is Unity. Now unwoven, the bands have been stored for a series of craft workshops we are planning to run with local asylum seeker and refugee women later on this year (watch this space!). We have also rehomed the structure to Sudley Walled Garden to support the activity of social enterprise Growing Sudley. At a recent consultation event we ensured the structure was settled in by running a natural weaving session, of which we intend to do more of as the sunnier months draw in.


We won!


We started getting to grips with the design for our winning entry to RIBA's 'Beyond Borders' competition in sunny South Liverpool


(Disclaimer: no slugs were hurt in the salt process)