Submission for Antepavillion 2

Birmingham alone has more miles of canals than Venice. As transport, production and industry in the UK have evolved, the usage of the vast network of canals has adapted. As the prospect of Brexit questions the ease of access to European travel, today's climate provides an opportunity to embrace and introduce cultural elements from our overseas neighbours. 

Venice is an attractive city break destination and a location famous for its life on the water. Terrazzo Pallazzo brings an essence of pizzazz to a canal boat on Hoxton Docks, instating iconic Venetian architectural forms amongst the area's historical industrial surroundings. The structure comprises of three levels - a series of arches to form a loggia, a platform of pitched 'canal terrazzo' panels and a curved pod, raised from the boat deck on stilt legs.

As awareness of the environmental issues surrounding our plastic usage has increased, now is an a crucial chance to mobilise interest into action for change. Pre-construction, community volunteering clean-up sessions would be ran to collect plastic litter from the canal and surrounding area. This plastic would then be shredded into smaller pieces and cast to create 'canal terrazo' panels, tables and tiles for the pavilion.

1. Initially, community volunteering clean-up sessions would be advertised and run, working with Canal & River Trust to safely collect plastic litter from Regent’s Canal.

2. Once collected, the plastic would be shredded into smaller pieces.

3. Finally, the shredded plastic would be cast into a variety of moulds, forming panels, tables and tiles in preparation for the construction of Terrazzo Pallazzo. This manufacturing process will be a public engagement activity, potentially with the initial volunteers or other local groups.