Tin Foil Helmet Brigade / The Shack

Shortlisted to final three applicants for Brainchild Festival 2019

Developed in collaboration with Refreshments

The year is 2019. Corrupt corporations run the world, advertisements bombard us, and our phones are actually listening to our every word.  Now, more than ever, we need to put on a tin foil hat. 

We need a chance to escape the wrath of consumerism and release the control it has on us. But amongst this madness, deep in a forest, there’s hope. There is a silver lining. A silver lined shack. 

Glimmering amongst the tree-scape is a piece of woodland these forces can’t invade. From the outside, these negative signals are reflected back to their sources of power and far beyond the festival’s realm. As you cross the floating foil you enter a new reality, the reality of ‘The Shack’. 

In ‘The Shack’ there is a new source of power, emitting signals of a different kind. The shack radiates sounds, light and sensations different to those ever felt before and with it establishes an energy that resonates with all those around it. The new collective energy of the shack and its spectators is powerful and positively charged. It stirs the unknown spaces in our minds and bodies to make us move, engage and dance with each other free from constraints.

Key materials of midnight-purple painted timber and reflective loft insulation play with contrasts of light and shadow emphasised by the simple but striking forms. Establishing a sense of enclosure and intimacy for both the crowd and the performer was paramount to the design. Enclosing the woodland dance floor with suspended foil beyond the parameter of the stage was a fundamental principle and critical in proposing a lighting design scheme that maximised impact on a small budget.